A very popular sweet in the Indian subcontinent ‘Laddu’ or ‘Ladoo‘. It is a personal favorite. Laddu comes from the Sanskrit word ‘lattika’ meaning a small ball. It is believed to have originate from Mauryan times.

ladoo The three main ingredients are Chickpea/Gram flour (also known as besan), Clarified butter (Ghee) and Sugar (Chinni). Although a few more ingredients such as milk, almonds and desiccated coconut can be added to make is a bit tastier. ‘Ladoo’ is mostly prepared for festivals in India and is often used as offerings to religious deities.

Yesterday, I was craving for something sweet fortunately there was no chocolate in the house. So I decided to make ‘Ladoo’, since I had not made them for a long long time.  ‘Ladoos’ are one of the quick and easy sweet recipes.


Chickpea/Gram Flour (besan)                                               4 cups
Powdered Sugar                                                                       1 1/2  cup (can use 2 cups)
Ghee                                                                                          1 cup (can use 2 cups)
Almonds (optional to add)                                                    7-8
Green cardamom powder (optional to add)                       1/4 tsp

(I used less sugar and ghee to reduce calorie intake; for beginners it is better to use 2 cups for first attempt)

Roasted Gram FlourMY METHOD:

  • In a pan heat ghee, add almonds & cardamom powder. Roast till slightly brown
  • In another pan roast Chickpea/Gram Flour on medium heat till around 10-12 minutes, the flour should become slightly brown and have a slight aroma
  • Turn off the gas
  • Add the ghee, almonds and cardamom powder mixture to the roasted Chickpea/Gram Flour and add powdered sugar, mix all the ingredients well
  • The entire mixture is slightly greasy now, make small balls and let is cool for some time
  • Happy serving!

You can add cashew nuts and raisins also. A easy sweet dish that can be stored and eaten post meals or those post dinner cravings!

Tips: the ratio of Ghee/Sugar vs Chickpea/Gram Flour (besan) is 1:2
         let mixture cool a bit before you add the sugar and make balls
roast Chickpea/Gram Flour on medium heat only and continuously stir so that            it doesn’t become too brown

reference about ladoo information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laddu


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